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Butterfly Traveler

Most Travel-friendly

Secure VPN Router

  • Portable VPN router

  • USB powered

  • Three VPN mode options

  • More than 10+ WiFi devices supported

  • Unlimited data

  • Hardware Warranty 


60g, USB-Powered, Plug & Play

Super Portable, Easy to Set up

ButterflyVPN is contained within a USB device – similar to a disc-on-key.

You plug it into a power source(such as a USB power outlet, smartphone charger,

power bank, or laptop), connect through an existing WiFi signal,

and you are good to go.

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Fast Speed and Unlimited Data

We have 500 Global lines, 1000M Bandwidth per line, less than 50ms delay, and the best part is unlimited data. Enjoy the HD quality of the online video.


High Compatibility than the VPN Software

Butterfly can be used up to 10 devices simultaneously, it is compatible with any Wi-Fi products, smartphone, tablet, PC, TV box, Ai speaker, Kindle, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. No need to download APP, it’s an ideal solution for sharing and for multiple devices, use in home or office.


Three Different Modes Enjoy the Different Experience

Three modes– Intelligent, Full, and Tor. Not only access all the blocked and geo-specific content easily, but also encrypt your data and hide your IP.


Full mode

Select the IP area you want - Taiwan, Europe, U.S, Singapore, Japan, China.

Butterfly will aways choose the best line in that area for you.

Intelligent mode

(Chinese Mode)

The system will automatically choose the best line according to the website you visited when you are in China or visit China website.

Tor mode

All traffic is conducted anonymously through the TOR network.


Most Cost-effective VPN

Only $0.08 Per Day

It comes complete with industrial strength encryption, zero interaction protocol, and an ad blocker. Which is hard to be recognized than IPsec and L2TP, more stable than an app.

With only USD$99, you got a hassle-free 3-year subscription and 1-year hardware maintenance. Your average spend on this device is only USD$0.08 per day. No hidden costs. It's one of the lowest you have ever seen.

How it works?

Watch the video

Only 3 Steps, A Safe, Interesting and Unlimited Internet.



Butterfly Network had been on service for 3 years!

Thanks for your continuous support!

Supports PayPal / Visa / Mastercard, and Apple Pay


Risk-free Trial and 14 Days Money Back

14 Days money back guarantee + 1-year Warranty with unlimited Technical support;

Customer Service contact:, reply within 24 hours.