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Portable and Stable/Two-way Proxy / U-Disk VPN solution for travelers, Plug and Play, 10+ devices supported, fast speed unlimited data.



“The best part is that this little dongle works as a router, and you can share the private connection with up to 10 devices. It also has an ad blocker you can opt to use, which is a handy bonus.”

How it works?

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Brand-new Update, Brand-new Experience

Two-way Proxy --- Enjoy Youtube In China, iQiyi In USA


Auto Two-way Proxy

Youtube & FB in China

iQiyi & QQ Music overseas

Custom VPN Mode

Choose the mode that suits you

Faster, safer, more privacy

Ads Filter

Keep the ads out

Enjoy clean watching


User reviews

Fast speed & always working! Now I can browse through Google in cafe.

Susan, Designer

Unlike software VPN, this one is really stable. I can simply plug it in power bank to work with 4G.

David, Overseas BD

Not only can I use it in my house, but also share with friends.

John, International e-commerce

60g, USB-Powered, Plug & Play

Super Portable

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One And Only Two-way Proxy VPN Router

Enjoy Contents Freely, In Both Ways

No additional settings, one-time-setup only

No more "404", enjoy internet the way it should be

Always up-to-date with your shows --- even in overseas


With 3 Years Subscription

Soft & hardware Integration

Safe And Sound

No Recognition

Zero-interaction protocol, harder to be recognized then IPsec、L2TP


No In-access

Global server configuration, hassle-free and continuous connection

No Blockage

Hardware Solution, hard to intercept or blocked by external source


No Decryption

Industry-level encrypt algorithm, safe and efficient

Three Modes Available To Choose From

Line Selection, Anynymous Mode, Hidden Address


Intelligent Mode

Automatically optimize the line selection for you

Full Mode

All contents go through VPN mode

Tor Mode

All contents go through Tor Mode

  • One Purchase

  • Three Year Usage

  • 14-day Refund 


Service From CCIE & CISSP Certificated Engineers



What you will get:

1-year Hardware Warranty* 

3-year Software Maintenance*


14-day Refund --- No Question Asked

*1 Start from the first activation of your hardware.
*2 The subscription fee after 3 years' usage would be only $1.99/month

Why Should You Choose Butterfly VPN?

Butterfly Traveler Butterfly Home Normal VPN Router VPN Software
Unlimited Data × ×
Plug & Play × ×
One-step Setup ×
Multi-system Support ×
Wire / Wireless Mode × ×
Multi-device Connection ×
Smart Line Config × ×
Two-way Proxy × ×
Manual IP Config × ×
Availability Check × ×
Auto Update × ×
Underlying Encryption × ×


Butterfly Network had been on service for 3 years!

Thanks for your continuous support!

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