Butterfly Home 2.0


Basic Settings and Connection:

  1. Find your home router for accessing the Internet

  2. Use the network cable to connect the Butterfly's WAN port and and LAN port of the router, and plug in the power.
  3. According to the name and password on the Butterfly label, connect your device through the wireless network, and you can browse the Internet.

I. Connection problems

The Wi-Fi indicator and the WAN indicator must be on. (Wi-Fi indicator: third indicator from power indicator, WAN indicator: fourth indicator from power indicator)

1) If the Wi-Fi indicator is off +

It means that there is a problem with the indicator module of the product, please contact customer service to apply for return.

2) If the WAN indicator is off +

There is a problem with the network cable connection, you can try the following steps:

Plug and unplug the 2 ends of the WAN cable to ensure that both ends are solid; Change the LAN port of the peer router; Change the quality of the network cable.

3) Can not be used normally after rebooting the device +

In the case of LAN port connected with cable, you need to unplug the WAN cable before rebooting; if not, the computer that connects the LAN port may receive the IP address assigned by the router from the upper level, which will lead to connection problem.

4) If the device is directly connected to the fiber optic modem +

Confirm if you need router dialing first. If you need to dial, log in router management interface according to the information on the bottom label, change the Internet to PPPoE, and fill in the Internet account and password.


II. Password Problems

1) How to change the default Wi-Fi name and password? +

Default Wi-Fi name and password of Butterfly VPN are written on the label of the Butterfly product, complete the setting with the following steps:

Use the browser accesses, the user name admin, the password admin123, and log in to the router management interface. Use Network-Wireless menu, modify the wireless network name and password.

2) How to reset the password if I forget them? +

After using the network cable to connect directly, log in, in the Network-Wireless menu, you can see the current Wi-Fi password. If there is no network cable, use a sharp object to press and hold the reset button next to the router power connector, and release after 10 seconds. When all the lights are on at the same time, the factory configuration will be restored automatically. Wait until the router's Wi-Fi indicator is on and connect to Wi-Fi using the default password on the router's label.


III. Clear the cache related issues

1. Clean up the DNS cache +

If you can not access foreign Internet sites, in many cases it is because that the system has got the wrong DNS resolution results and cached them down. In this case, some sites can be accessed while other similar sites cannot. Because both the operating system and Chrome browser perform DNS caching, cleaning up the DNS cache requires clearing both the operating system and the browser's cache at the same time.

Clean up the operating system DNS cache

Apple OS X

Please refer to https://support.apple.com/en/HT202516

Microsoft Windows

Use the command ipconfig / flushdns. Different versions of Windows operations are basically the same, with Windows 7 as an example:

Click the "Start" button. In the search box, type the command prompt. In the results list, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or provide a confirmation. At the command prompt, type ipconfig / flushdns Google Chrome caches, please refer to the following steps to clear:

Start your browser and enter chrome://net-internals/#dns in the address bar Click "Clear host cache" on the page Enter chrome://net-internals/#sockets in the address bar Click Close idle sockets and then click Flush socket pools.

2. Clean the browser cache +

Clearing the web browser cache forces the browser to load the latest version of web pages and programs that users access.

Internet Explorer

The operation of deleting Web Cache in Internet Explorer (IE) varies with IE and Windows versions. In IE, select "Tools" ("Internet Options" or "Security"), then select "Browsing History" to find the option to delete the cached Web page.


In the Firefox menu bar, click "Tools" Click "Options" Under the Advanced options, click the Internet tab Clear the cache under Cached Web Content


Click the Customize icon on the browser toolbar Select "Settings", then select "Show Advanced Settings" Under "Privacy," select "Clear browsing data." In the dialog box that appears, select the checkbox for the type of information you want to delete. Use the top menu to select the amount of data to delete. Select "All" to delete all the information. Click "Clear browsing data"

**Can I use Butterfly to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu?

The Butterfly smartly chooses the IP address to access to the network, so the IP is changeable, which makes it difficult to get access to such content due to the strict proxy detection from those companies. You may use Full mode to select different regions to watch Netflix or Hulu but it is not 100% garuanteed. We will try to solve this issue in the next upgrades.


VI. Set up telecommunications dial-up

Support DHCP, PPPoE and Static IP. Log in to set according to information on the bottom label.


V. Restore the factory settings

1) Reset router +

Use a pointed object like a toothpick, press and hold the reset button next to the power connector on the router and release it after 10 seconds. When all the lights are on at the same time, the factory configuration will be restored automatically. Wait until the router's Wi-Fi indicator is on and connect to Wi-Fi using the default password on the router's label.

  1. Download Home recovery firmware file to upload and upgrade
  2. Uses a LAN cable to connect the network port on the computer, manually configure the IP address to, mask
  3. Enter the recovery mode of Butterfly Home: power off, use toothpick or similar objects while holding down the reset, plug in the power, hold down the reset until the light is stable
  4. Use a browser to access on the computer

Special Note:

Do not mix the firmware package between Home and Traveler. Otherwise, the device will not work normally and can only be solved by restoring factory settings. Home version  Traveler version

At present, the firmware for Home2.0 version has been updated. If you keep the device online, the product will automatically recognize the firmware version and complete the software update within 24 hours (usually in the early morning of the local time). If you want to manually update the firmware, refer to the above "Restore factory settings" in the "advanced recovery mode" for manual updates.